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Give Me 5 Short Days, And I Will Help You Build Your Own Profitable Online Business From Absolutely ZERO, WithOUT Using Paid Ads, Funnels Or Expensive Softwares!

Hey Sebastian here, from Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Let's get right into it.

We all know the situation in the world is not looking very good. 
  • Unemployment is going up.
  • Prices are going up (I'm sure you've noticed this).
  • Unemployment is going up.
So the safest option (by far), is to build your OWN online business where you have full control of your income, and where you get paid in US dollars.

A business that gives you mobility.

A business that's not limited to your country and where you can acquire customers from any part of the world.

I've been in the Internet Marketing world since 2014. And I can tell you with extreme confidence that there is no greater freedom than running your own business in the Internet and making money online. 
It's scalable. Fixed costs are low. It gives you flexibility of time and space.

The opportunity is ENDLESS.

Most people think building an online business is expensive and complicated.

But it's not.

It's actually pretty simple. And it really comes down to repeating a series of tasks every day consistently.

I'm not saying it's easy. But it's simple.

And all you need is an Instagram profile.

I've been teaching people my methods for 7 years already. But by far the best way I've seen that people get results is with a challenge.

So I decided to create a 5 Day Challenge where I will help people build their your OWN profitable online business in 5 short days.

I help you build the foundations, so that after the 5 days you have something solid going that will continue producing results for years.

A long-term business that makes money every month. A real brand that will be around for years.

Why 5 days? 

Because it's doable.

It's practical.

It's simple.

Not easy, but simple.

So here's how it works:
  • When you join, you will be added to a private chat with the other members and myself.
  • ​Every day for 5 days, I will send you a list of daily tasks to execute to build your online business.
  • ​The tasks will also come with a detailed video that shows how to execute the tasks.
  • ​You can ask any questions in the chat for the 5 days of the challenge (audios, text, videos, screenshots)
  • ​You will be taken out of your comfort zone.
  • ​You will make more progress than EVER before in just 5 days.
  • ​And you can complete these tasks in less than 1 hour per day.
By the end of this challenge, you will have your own online business running, your own game-plan to continue executing for the next 12 months, and you will have defeated procrastination ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Take a look at Segundo (from Argentina) and Montserrat (from Costa Rica). They joined the first challenge and right after completing it they generated their first big sales:
But here's the catch. They didn't earn something for nothing.

They took a lot of Massive Imperfect Action.

  • ​If you've been procrastinating to build your online business...
  • If you haven't made any real money online...
  • If you've been lacking the information...
  • ​​If you haven't had someone to tell you exactly what to do...
  • ​​If you've thought about building your business, but budget was a limitation...
Then the "Work With Sebastian 5 day Challenge" is FOR YOU.

For just $20, you will be given the exact roadmap I've given some of my most successful clients to get results. And this is why I have dozens and dozens of testimonials from people.
If you stick to the tasks consistently for the long-term without quitting, you WILL GET RESULTS.

Just one thing before you make your decision to sign up.

DO NOT JOIN if you're not willing to take action and execute the tasks for 5 days.

If you're going to make excuses like "I don't have time", or "I don't feel like it"...


If you can't commit to 5 days of execution that take less than 1 hour per day, you won't be successful in anything. 

This is not a challenge for people that will make excuses.

Just being honest...

If you want results you need to take action.

But if you're willing to take action, then...

Join the challenge.

Let's get you in the private group and let me guide your through these 5 life-changing days.

Let's make money.

Pura vida.

- Sebastian

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