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From: Sebastian Gomez 🇨🇷

To: Future Online Business Owner

Hey Sebastian here,

Let me ask you a question...

What if you could wake up one random day, say a Wednesday... And spontaneously book a ticket to go travel to a new country?

You pick a nice Airbnb to stay at, and you pack your laptop.

Regardless if you want to take a vacation, or you just want to get work done in a different location...

You're STILL getting money deposited into your bank account...
How would that make you feel?

The money that you spent on your plane ticket and Airbnb is made back in a matter of weeks. Or even days...

Look, I know that this might sound too good to be true. But people around the world are completely changing their lives by creating what I call "Lifestyle Online Businesses" and applying the methods that I teach.

They use sales funnels that automate their entire business and help them generate sales 24/7. 

This is EXACTLY what they are doing.

Imagine Being Able To Generate Thousands Of Dollars Every Week And Generate Sustainable And Predictable Income Even If You're Out Doing Things You Enjoy Doing...

If you've been following me on Instagram for some time, you're probably well aware that I'm a "Mountain Bike Junkie".

I was recently in Whistler Canada, which is arguably the best bike park in the world.

I went with a group of friends for 2 full weeks. Our main agenda every single day was to wake up, have breakfast, and go ride until we couldn't move our hands and the bike park closed doors.

Even if I was there having a great time doing what I love, I was STILL generating thousands of dollars with my online business.
Stripe Account for my company Digital ROI Solutions
But I just want to tell you one thing before I move on... 

Most people reading this same page will never accomplish these results that I'm showing you above.

And this has nothing to do with their intelligence or their capabilities to generate income online. It also has nothing to do with the country they come from or the language they speak...

In fact, I'm not from a first world country. I'm from a tiny, yet beautiful country in Central America with 5 million people called Costa Rica 🇨🇷.

My native language is Spanish, not english. I literally started from scratch during my high school years... 

The photo below is me working on my online business during my Biology class. I sat far in the back so the teacher wouldn't bother me that much.
This business is more simple than you think.  And the main reason 99% of people don't get results is because they tend to overcomplicate it and create confusion in their own heads for no reason.

I believe keeping things simple is KEY. The more simple, the better.

To start making your first $100/day or even your first $50/day, you have to meet these 3 requirements:

REQUIREMENT #1: You have to stop chasing "guru" after "guru". First of all, you will get confused by listening to many people at the same time. Second of all, you have to stop believing them when they say that you will get rich by pushing a magic button. This is a serious business and requires consistency, determination and willingness to put in the work every day. I won't tell you that you will become a millionaire if you don't actually do that work that I tell you to do. I have created a very simple to understand game-plan that you can follow, but you still need to commit to it and take action.

REQUIREMENT #2: You have to be coachable and open minded to the strategies that I will teach you. I can guarantee that the information that you will learn WORKS. I've tested it myself and created multiple 6 figure businesses with it. But you have to be willing to listen and execute. I've been learning from people that are more advanced than me ever since I started out online. If you want to change your life you have to listen to people that already walked the path.

REQUIREMENT #3: Don't lose focus. Look, it's very easy to lose focus in this industry. Everyone is telling you to do a different thing and buy their newest "game-changing opportunity". This is called "The Shiny Object Syndrome". Every time people see a shiny object they ditch what they were doing and go follow the new thing. If you want to make this work you have to stick to the game-plan that I created for you and do it UNTIL it works. If you stick to it, your life will change. If not, you will be like most people that are struggling, running in circles and buying course after course.

You Will Learn My Proven Strategies To Leverage Affiliate Marketing & Sales Funnels To Create A Solid Long-Term Business That Deposits Money Into Your Bank Account Every Week.
So right now you have 2 different options:
Option #1:
Go through all the steep learning curve to learn affiliate marketing and sales funnels by yourself and have to learn:
  • ​How to find the best affiliate marketing offers that will actually make you money.
  • ​How to create high converting sales funnels that turn visitors into buyers.
  • ​How to create engaging advertising campaigns to get visitors to your sales funnel.
  • ​How to write email copy and sales copy so that people are persuaded to buy from you.
  • ​How to create a bonus package to make an irresistible offer to your leads.
  • ​How to build up credibility so that people want to buy from you and not from your competitor.
  • ​And a whole lot of other minor details that you will have to work on yourself to make this work.
And to be honest, it is possible to make this work if you decide to learn all these things by yourself.

I believe that if you really want to learn something, you will do whatever it takes to learn it and reach your goals. Actually I had to go through all of this myself with almost no help. It took me 1 long year to make my first sale, but eventually I figured it out.

Having said that, if I were to give my "17 year old version of me" one piece of advice, it would be "don't reinvent the wheel". I would tell myself to follow a mentor that already walked the path and stick to their advice. I would have saved at least 1 year of trial and error.

I've helped tens of thousands of people build their online businesses from scratch, by teaching them how to create a simple game-plan that a regular person can execute.

Not a marketing "Guru". Not a sales expert. Not a professional and fancy entrepreneur...

A regular person. Just like you and me.
If you choose to go with learning all these things that I mentioned, you will find yourself losing time, energy and money. You will have to go through a lot of trial and error to really figure out how to "crack the code". And remember, time = money.

I have invested well over $20,000 in my own education including buying coaching, masterminds, live events and courses from other marketers.

So unless you want to spend AT LEAST $20,000 to figure these things out by yourself, I suggest you go with the second and BEST option, which is the one 1000+ people that already went through this page decided to choose.
Option #2:
Follow a proven mentor that has helped normal people around the world generate hundreds of thousands of dollars with online marketing. 

Also follow a proven game-plan that has been tested over and over again to generate consistent income with affiliate marketing and sales funnels. A program that will allow you to save a TON of money, time, energy and resources that you would have to invest if you wanted to learn everything by yourself.

If that sounds like YOU, I would like to invite you to apply to "Work With Sebastian"
Fast Track Your Results By Working With Me And Building Your Business WITH Me. Use The Green Button Below To Apply For One Of The Spots Today.
Stop The Trial And Error And Get Inside The "Work With Sebastian" Program To HELP You Build A Long-Term Business With Me!

As a member you will be able to access my private high ticket affiliate program, where you get the exclusivity to promote my marketing agency's services as an affiliate and make BIG commissions. You will receive your own tracking links and be taught exactly how to start getting traffic and sales.

See Me Call One Of Our Members To Let Him Know He Just Made A $600 Commission
Inside Work With Sebastian (WWS) you're going to learn:
  • ​How to build your own long-term and predictable online business by promoting other people's proven products.
  • ​How to use simple sales funnels to convert visitors into customers even if you're not physically putting in the work all day. These simple funnels will be generating sales for you just like they do for my business.
  • ​The simple drag and drop tool used to create and launch high converting sales funnels fast. Anyone can successfully use this software even if you have no technical skills, business skills, or marketing experience.
  • Leverage my own high converting offers that pay BIG ticket commissions.
  • ​How to leverage my own high converting sales funnels that I use, for FREE. I usually charge $5,000+ to create custom sales funnels because you can potentially earn 2X, 3X or even 5X that amount. By working with me you will be given the exact sales funnel that generates me results so you can plug them in and start making sales. This will fast-track your success and help you start making money while you're learning.
  • Leverage my proven email templates that I personally use bring sales 24/7 for my business. 
  • ​How to rapidly start promoting affiliate offers through sales funnels and start generating sales consistently.
Here's What You Get With The Program:
Access To Promote My Agency's Proven Marketing Services
($2997 Value)
By working with me, you will be getting access to our private Affiliate Dashboard where you can find your unique links that will allow you to sell our best and highest converting marketing services.

These are the exact Marketing services that my company, Digital ROI Solutions, has been selling for years with a lot of success. Our clients receive massive value from our services and we provide results.

It took my team and I years of hard work, testing, and 6 figures+ in ad spend to put this together. Now you get to leverage everything.
Access To My Private High Ticket Offers
($497 Value)
The problem with most programs is that you have to generate hundreds of even thousands of customers per month to build a sustainable business that is worth your time. 

And the next month, start all over again...

With this program you are able to build your business much faster because we pay $500-$3,000 commissions.

We sell higher priced marketing services because that's the kind of value that our services deliver. 

This is for your own benefit because with the same amount of time, energy and effort you're getting bigger results.
Step-By-Step Bootcamp Training
($497 Value)
Most programs give you a unique link to start sending traffic, and then wish you the best of luck. So you have to go by yourself and try to figure everything out. If you don't get results, then you need to buy a $997 course to show you how to do all the details. 

With the Work With Sebastian, you're getting ALL the training that you need to be successful. These are the exact strategies that are currently working for us to generate leads and sales.

There are over 60+ over-the-shoulder completely new training lessons where I show you how to start generating leads and seeing results.
Generate Leads, And Keep The Leads
($497 Value)
Most people debate if they should sell other people's products for the simple reason that they are not building their own business, but someone else's business.

With this program, you focus on generating leads, and I show you how to keep ALL the leads. This way you're able to grow your email list and build your own long-term business and audience.

Remember, building your email list is KEY if you're looking to build a predictable and consistent business. If you have an email list, you OWN your business and you control your own asset.
24/7 Members Support Group
($997 Value)
As a member, you will be getting access to my private Facebook support group.

You will be able to meet our other members, build relationships, get our latest free/paid traffic strategies, and work directly with my team to help you grow your business. This is PRICELESS.

Everyone in this group is a paid member, so you can guarantee that you will be with other people that also made commitments to themselves and their businesses.
Your Own Costa Rica Phone Sales Team
As a member of the program, you will be working directly with my team and I to grow each other's businesses.

You will be able to promote our proven marketing services and generate leads.

Then our team here in Costa Rica will get on the phone with your leads and offer our highly valuable marketing services.

When we close a new client, you get results.

How valuable would it be to work with a group of regular people that already walked that path and know how to generate results?
What EXTRA Bonuses You Get For Working With Us
Done-For-You Proven Sales Funnels
($1997 Value)
As a members we're also giving you the exact same funnels that you should use to get results.

These are the same ones we use internally to generate customers for our agency.

All you have to do is import them to your Clickfunnels account, add your unique links, and start selling.
Done-For-You Proven Email Swipes
($997 Value)
Alright, now that you know that you will be able to keep all the leads that you generate, it's going to be extremely important to send emails to your list to generate more sales.

When you work with us I'm giving you my Done-For-You high converting email swipes that you can send to your list and that you can model.

This will save you a ton of time and and energy.
Proven Marketing Angles
($997 Value)
You will also be getting access to our list of proven Marketing Angles to use for your campaigns.

A Marketing Angle is the way that you sell something, and make it sound sexy so that people buy. Using the wrong marketing angles, can make you run in circles for months.

I've already spent over $1.5M in paid traffic and tested hundreds of different angles. I will tell you what works and what doesn't.
6 Hours Of Advanced Facebook Ads Training
($397 Value)
When you join the WWS program, you will receive a Bonus advanced Facebook ads training module that will give you complete understanding on how to run profitable ads, not just for this business, but for any online business that you create.

This private training will teach you all the lessons I've learned after investing $1,000,000 of my own money on Facebook ads.

These are also the exact principals and strategies I've used to scale paid traffic campaigns to up to $800,000/month.
Total Value Included In This Offer: 
Your Price Today With This Special Offer:

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Get the Lifetime Membership for $97 and receive:
  • 15 Minute 1-1 Strategy Call
  • ​Get Lifetime Commissions For Your Leads
  • Get Lifetime Upgrades To Our Trainings
  • ​Get Lifetime 24/7 Support
  • ​Get Lifetime Access To Our Community
Only members with active memberships will get credited for sales generated. 

With the Lifetime Membership, you don't have to worry about keeping your subscription active. You pay once, and you can forget about it. All future sales generated will be tracked back to you no matter what.

Example: You generate one lead today, but that lead buys in 7 months. You STILL get a big commission for that sale.

Once the initial beta group is full, the price to become a member will be increasing to $97/month.
Work With Me Today For ONLY $9! (Soon $97/Month)
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Cancel Anytime - No Questions Asked

If you feel you don't want to continue being part of the program, don't worry. Just send us an email to, and let us know you want to cancel.

Zach Crawford

"I have spent over $150k in marketing education, so I can tell you who is legit and who is not and Sebastian is definitely 100% legit, he knows what he's doing and has helped a lot of people to get results"

Jordan Welch

"I give Sebastian a 10/10. If you guys are on the fence about getting any of his training programs or learning from him, I can tell you it's 100% worth it."

Imran Rahman

"Having Sebastian involved in your business is going to generate results faster...I highly recommend that you work with Sebastian."

Dimitris Skiadas

"If you're thinking in working with Sebastian then I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him..."

Asad Kanaan

"First 10k/day... That's around $3k in net. Thanks a lot Sebastian... One week ago I was only making $500 net."

Jan Krokos

"Honestly, I'm not going to lie...This is probably BY FAR one of the best coaching programs I've ever been a part of."
What WWS Members Are Saying:
Regarding The Investment...
As you can probably imagine, there is an investment for the "Work With Sebastian" program.

My team and I will be investing a lot of time, energy, focus and resources to make sure you become successful.

I have also spent hundreds of hours figuring out what I know and creating a bulletproof system that anyone can apply.

If you want to apply to become a client please be aware that I can't do this for free.

I receive dozens of DM's from people asking if I can coach them or help them for free. In specific cases I help people through DM.

But the truth is that I have to respect our clients that paid for this program that we will offer you.

It's not fair for them if I'm helping everyone for free and they had to pay for to get more attention.

You will be investing in yourself, in your future and in your journey. You will be making a commitment to yourself and to myself. Please only apply if you fully understand this.
Steps To Move Forward:
Step 1: Schedule A Call
The first step was to read all the information on this page. This means that the process has already started. You already started your journey to live life on your terms. This will help me make sure that when you schedule a call you fully understand how I operate and how serious I am to help you get results.

So now the next step is to schedule a time using the form in the bottom of this page. You will be required to answer some questions so we know a little bit more about where you're standing and how we can help you.
Step 2: See If You Qualified
We will carefully review your answers to the questionnaire and also get on a call with you to see if we think we're a good fit together. We do this to make sure we can give you the best results in the time of the coaching.

You will be getting on a friendly call with one of my team members from Costa Rica (Pablo Salas), so we can get to know you a little bit better before onboarding you on the program.

Don't worry, this is not a call where someone pushes a product down your throat. We genuinely want to see if this program is something that could really help you out.
Step 3: Get Instant Access To The Program
As soon as we get started working together we will give you access to our step-by-step 21 day bootcamp training that will show you how to build your business from zero. This is the same training our most successful clients have gone through. It will unlock 1 new module every 24 hours to make sure you're going step-by-step.

You will also be given access to our private 24/7 support group, our done-for-you materials, and off course, immediate access to our private affiliate program.

You will have everything you need to be on the right path to succeed with your new online business.
Step 4: Work With My Team And I Every Day
By this point, you will have access to all the resources to build your business, and all the training that will show you how to put everything together.

Now what you will do is take massive imperfect action and implement the game-plan we created for you. We're going to be just one message away if you need anything. If you have any questions, concerns or mental blocks, you can make a post on our Facebook group and quickly get support directly from us.

At the same time, we will be working day in, and day out to help you convert leads into sales. We will be getting on the phone with your leads, and converting them into customers that make you big commissions. 

We will also be following up with your leads to make sure they convert into customers (remember, the money is in the follow up).

This is a program where we will be on your side in every step of the way. 

My team and I will also be doing 90% of the work because we will allow you to use our training, our offers, leverage our sales team, and use our done-for-you materials to grow your business much faster.

It took us 1 year+ to put all of this together. And you now have the opportunity to take everything and use it yourself.

I want you to focus on making sales and creating content. I will take care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions:


If You Feel That This Program Is Something That Would Help You Reach Your Goals, Then Just Answer The Simple Questions Below To Schedule A Call And Apply For One Of The Spots Today.

What People Are Saying:

Let's be honest... These days everyone is a self-proclaimed "Guru" and Internet expert. So I don't blame you for being skeptical. I was also skeptical when I started my business on high school. Below are just a fraction (1/6) of the video testimonials I have from people that have worked with me before. 

  Zach Crawford
Jan Krokos
Mary Brey
Tomas Saucedo
David Mata
Pau Oliver
Mahroosh Banday
Mustafa Shaikh

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